Got Gluten-Free?

As if being gluten-free wasn’t hard enough, try keeping it up during finals week or even on a spring break get-away! For some of us, ingesting gluten results in achy muscles, fatigue, flu like symptoms… and the list goes on. Even with the huge wave of gluten free options sweeping the nation, these risks make it difficult to trust that items being prepared for you outside your home are really gluten free. This is mainly because there remains a huge population of people from the food industry still scratching their heads, asking “…what the hell is a gluten?” And to someone with celiacs or an allergy to gluten, there’s nothing scarier than this response.

In an effort to save you the time of explaining what  exactly “a gluten” is to your waiter, and prevent you from facing the consequences of someone else’s mistakes, here are some quick lunch and meal ideas for our gluten-free peers on a tight time schedule during finals week, and beyond!

Best Burgers

best burgers

It’s dead week here at Southern Oregon University and most of us don’t have time to cook.

So that leaves us with a question. What to do? A students gotta’ eat!

Fast-food is always an option, but often can disappoint. Well here at Food University we have done the thinking for you. We have found a resource to track down the best fast-food burger, no personal research required!

In early January this year Kevin Alexander, of Thrillist, conducted a taste test to find the best fast-food burger. He gives a breakdown of price, wait time, the build and tasting notes. All great content so you, the hungry student, can make an informed decision.

So don’t waste any more time on food, and get back to studying. And while your at it enjoy the best burger fast-food can buy!

Burger Breakdown 

best burger

Healthy Lasagna Exists!

Yes, you read that correctly. Lasagna and healthy are in the same sentence. Check out this recipe for a delicious guilt free lasagna recipe. It still has the same cheesy and meaty ingredients with the exception of the noodles. This recipe substitutes the noodles for thin sliced zucchini which will have everyone feeling guilt free about seconds!

Bigger, Better, Bolder

Sun flower seeds, trucks, apple pie, ripped jeans, john dear tractors, fire flies, lumber, sun dresses, summer time, steel, denim. America. Where the dreams of ordinary people become realities. Land of the hard working, gritty and steadfast.

So American, you’ve just punched your card and it’s five o’clock. The most important question of the day is approaching fast. What are you going to drink?

What did Frank Sinatra drink, oh yeah Jack Daniels. Your choice says something about you. So think hard American.

Indulge yourself friend. Find a drink that represents  you and take the night off. You earned it.

Pick Your Poison


Photo courtesy Chasing Delicious


Smoothie Time!


No time in the morning? No problem. Smoothies are an excellent healthy choice to get fueled up and ready to rock. Here at food university many mornings  are filled with colorful fruit beverages. MMMMMMMM tasty! Check out the recipe I freestyles this morning.

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup orange juice

handful of Blueberries

handful of Marion Berries

1 Banana

A dash of vanilla


Another great resource for smoothie recipes here —> Tasty Smoothies